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Genesis Noach
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7:20 The waters had surged upward fifteen cubits and all the mountains were covered.
Chamesh esreh amah milmalah gavru hamayim vayechusu heharim.
7:21 All flesh that walked the earth perished: birds, livestock, wild beasts, and every lower animal that swarmed on the land, as well as every human being.
Vayigva kol-basar haromes al-ha'arets ba'of uvabehemah uvachayah uvechol-hasherets hashorets al-ha'arets vechol ha'adam.


upward fifteen cubits
  Between 23 and 30 feet (see note on Genesis 6:15). Some say that this means that the water was so deep that it covered the mountains by 15 cubits (Yoma 76a; Rashi). There is, however, another opinion that the powerful currents caused the water to surge over the mountains (Bereshith Rabbah 32).

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