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Genesis Noach
  Lech Lecha
  Chayey Sarah
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9:3 'Every moving thing that lives shall be to you as food. Like plant vegetation, I have [now] given you everything.
Kol-remes asher hu-chay lachem yihyeh le-ochlah keyerek esev natati lachem et-kol.
9:4 But nevertheless, you may not eat flesh of a creature that is still alive.
Ach-basar benafsho damo lo tochelu.
9:5 'Only of the blood of your own lives will I demand an account. I will demand [such] an account from the hand of every wild beast. From the hand of man - [even] from the hand of a man's own brother - I will demand an account of [every] human life.
Ve'ach et-dimchem lenafshoteychem edrosh miyad kol-chayah edreshenu umiyad ha'adam miyad ish achiv edrosh et-nefesh ha'adam.
9:6 He who spills human blood shall have his own blood spilled by man, for God made man with His own image.
Shofech dam ha'adam ba'adam damo yishafech ki betselem Elohim asah et-ha'adam.


creature that is still alive
  Literally, 'flesh whose blood is in its soul.' As long as an animal is alive, its blood is seen as being attached to its soul (Hirsch. Cf. Deuteronomy 12:23). This commandment is meant to forbid flesh from a living animal.

Only of the blood...
  This is seen as a commandment against suicide (Bereshith Rabbah; Rashi. Cf. Bava Kama 91b).

Like plant vegetation
  Previously only plants had been permitted (Genesis 1:30); now meat was equally permitted.

for God made man....
  See Genesis 1:26,27, 5:1. This prescribes capital punishment for murder, even for gentiles.

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