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13:3 Moses said to the people: Remember this day as [the time] you left Egypt, the place of slavery, when God brought you out of here with a show of force. No leaven may be eaten.
Vayomer Moshe el-ha'am zachor et-hayom hazeh asher yetsatem miMitsrayim mibeyt avadim ki bechozek yad hotsi Adonay etchem mizeh velo ye'achel chamets.
13:4 You left this day, in the month of standing grain.
Hayom atem yotse'im bechodesh ha'aviv.


show of force
  Literally, 'a strong hand.' See Exodus 6:1.

month of standing grain
  (Rashbam; see Exodus 9:31). Some say that Aviv was the original name of this month. See Exodus 23:15, 34:18, Deuteronomy 16:1. Later, the Babylonian name, Nissan, was used for this month (Esther 3:7, Nehemiah 2:1; Yerushalmi, Rosh HaShanah 1:2).

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