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Exodus Yitro
  Ki Tisa
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18:10 He said, 'Praised be God, who rescued you from the power of Egypt and Pharaoh - who liberated the people from Egypt's power.
Vayomer Yitro baruch Adonay asher hitsil etchem miyad Mitsrayim umiyad Par'oh asher hitsil et-ha'am mitachat yad-Mitsrayim.
18:11 Now I know that God is the greatest of all deities. Through their very plots, He rose above them.'
Atah yadati ki-gadol Adonay mikol-ha'elohim ki vadavar asher zadu aleyhem.


  Literally, 'blessed.'

Through their very plots...
  (Targum; Rashi; Septuagint). Literally, 'Because in the thing that they plotted on them.' Alternatively, 'The very thing they plotted came on them' (Abarbanel); 'Through their very plots, He amused Himself with them' (Rashbam, cf. Exodus 10:2); 'I am aware of how the [Egyptians] plotted against [the Israelites]' (Ramban; Chizzkuni). Or 'He saved the people from Egypt's power despite all their plots against them' (Ralbag).

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