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29:41 Offer the second sheep in the afternoon along with a meal offering and libation just like that of [the sheep] offered in the morning. It shall then be an appeasing fragrance to God.
Ve'et hakeves hasheni ta'aseh beyn ha'arba'im keminchat haboker ucheniskah ta'aseh-lah lere'ach nichoach isheh l'Adonay.
29:42 This shall also be the continual burnt offering for all generations. [It shall be offered] before God at the entrance of the Communion Tent, the place where I commune with [all the people] by speaking with you there.
Olat tamid ledoroteychem petach ohel-mo'ed lifney Adonay asher iva'ed lachem shamah ledaber eleycha sham.


for all generations
  See Numbers 28:2-8.

  See Exodus 25:22.

all the people
  Literally, 'you' in plural.

by speaking...
  Some say that prophecy could also come from the altar, just as from between the cherubs (Bareitha Melekheth HaMishkan 14). Simply, however, this is speaking of the tabernacle in general.

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