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Exodus Tetsaveh
  Ki Tisa
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30:3 Cover it with a layer of pure gold, on its top, its walls all around, and its horns. Make a gold rim all around it.
Vetsipita oto zahav tahor et-gago ve'et-kirotav saviv ve'et-karnotav ve'asita lo zer zahav saviv.
30:4 Place two gold rings under [the altar's] rim on its two opposite sides as receptacles to hold the poles with which it is carried.
Ushtey tabe'ot zahav ta'aseh-lo mitachat lezero al shtey tsal'otav ta'aseh al-shney tsidav vehayah levatim levadim laset oto bahemah.


  The Talmud notes that this layer was as thick as a dinar (Eruvin 19a). See note on Exodus 38:24.

two gold rings...
  Some say that they were on opposite corners of the altar (Maaseh Choshev 7:1). Others say that it had four rings, one on each corner (Abarbanel; cf. Baaley Tosafoth).

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