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Exodus Ki Tisa
  Ki Tisa
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Ki Tisa

33:11 God would speak to Moses face to face, just as a person speaks to a close friend. [Moses] would then return to the camp. But his aid, the young man, Joshua son of Nun, did not leave the tent.
Vediber Adonay el-Moshe panim el-panim ka'asher yedaber ish el-re'ehu veshav el-hamachaneh umesharto Yehoshua bin-Nun na'ar lo yamish mitoch ha'ohel.


the young man
  Joshua was 42 at the time (Seder Olam 12; Rashi on Judges 11:26). Others say that he was 56 (Ibn Ezra). He was a young man compared to Moses, who was 80 (Ramban).

  See Exodus 17:9, 24:13, 32:17. Joshua was therefore worthy of becoming the next leader of the Israelites (see Numbers 27:18).

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