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Exodus Ki Tisa
  Ki Tisa
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Ki Tisa

 33:21  33:22
33:21 God then said, 'I have a special place where you can stand on the rocky mountain.
Vayomer Adonay hineh makom iti venitsavta al-hatsur.
33:22 When My glory passes by, I will place you in a crevice in the mountain, protecting you with My power until I pass by.
Vehayah ba'avor kvodi vesamticha benikrat hatsur vesakoti chapi aleycha ad-ovri.
33:23 I will then remove My protective power, and you will have a vision of what follows from My existence. My essence itself, however, will not be seen.
Vahasiroti et-kapi vera'ita et-achoray ufanay lo yera'u.


I have a special place
  (Rashi). Or, 'All space is under My domain' (Rashi; Baaley Tosafoth). Or, 'There is a way of reaching up to Me' (Moreh Nevukhim 1:8).

where you can stand
  Literally. Some take this expression idiomatically, and render it, 'You must remain in contemplation of the origin of all things' (Moreh Nevukhim 1:16; Abarbanel).

When My glory passes by...
  (Literally). Or, 'When [you try] to pass over the boundaries [toward] My glory, I will let you reach the limit of your powers' (Abarbanel).

protecting you with My power
  (cf. Targum). Literally, 'placing My hand over you.' Or, 'protecting you with My cloud' (Emunoth VeDeyoth 2:12; see Exodus 34:5).

My protective power
  (cf. Targum). Literally, 'My hand.'

of what follows from My existence
  (Hirsch; cf. Moreh Nevukhim 1:34; Avodath HaKodesh 3:40). Literally, 'My back.' Or, 'a glimmer of My essence' (Emmunoth VeDeyoth 2:12); or, 'a partial realization of My uniqueness' (Yad, Yesodey HaTorah 1:10).

My essence...
  Literally, 'My face.'

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