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35:22 The men accompanied the women, and those who wanted to make a donation brought bracelets, earrings, finger rings, and body ornaments, all made of gold. There were also all the ones who donated a wave offering of gold to God.
Vayavo'u ha'anashim al-hanashim kol nediv lev hevi'u chach vanezem vetaba'at vechumaz kol-kli zahav vechol-ish asher henif tnufat zahav l'Adonay.


  (Rashi; Midrash HaGadol). Chach in Hebrew. Or, 'earrings' (Ibn Ezra; Ibn Janach; Chizzkuni), 'nose rings' (Rabbenu Meyuchas, from Isaiah 37:29), 'lip rings' (Radak, Sherashim, from Ezekiel 38:4, or 'brooch' (Minchah Belulah; MeAm Lo'ez; Hirsch). Some say that the chach is a plain gold ring, while the 'earrings' and 'finger rings' mentioned below are ornamented (Lekach Tov).

  (Rabbenu Meyuchas, from Exodus 32:2). Nezem in Hebrew. Or, 'nose rings' (Ibn Ezra; Lekach Tov; from Genesis 24:47, Isaiah 3:21).

finger rings
  (Midrash HaGadol).

body ornaments
  Kumaz in Hebrew. According to some, the jeweled belt (Saadia; Peshitah). According to others, a gold genital shield for women (Shabbath 84a; Rashi), possibly a chastity belt (Rabbenu Ephraim; Maskil LeDavid; Maaseh Toviah, Gan Naul 3). Others say that it is a gold brassiere (Yerushalmi, Shabbath 6:4), an arm band (Chizzkuni), or a pornographic sculpture (Rabbi Aaron Alrabi, Kenzal). The Septuagint translates kumaz as emplokion, something that holds a garment, possibly a brooch or belt (cf. Hirsch; Pliny 11:50; Diodorus Siclus 3:44).

wave offering
  See Exodus 29:24 (cf. Sforno). This consisted of gold coins and bullion (Ramban).

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