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Exodus Shemot
  Ki Tisa
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5:16 'We are no longer given straw, but we are told to make bricks. We are the ones being flogged, but it is your people's fault.'
Teven eyn nitan la'avadeycha ulevenim omrim lanu asu vehineh avadeycha mukim vechatat amecha.
5:17 'You are lazy!' retorted Pharaoh. 'Lazy! That's why you are saying that you want to sacrifice to God.
Vayomer nirpim atem nirpim al-ken atem omrim nelchah nizbechah l'Adonay.
5:18 Now go! Get to work! You will not be given any straw, but you must deliver your quota of bricks.'
Ve'atah lechu ivdu veteven lo-yinaten lachem vetochen levenim titenu.


but it is your people's fault
  Or, 'and it is a sin for your people' (Targum Yonathan; Rashi; Rashbam).

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