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Leviticus Shemini
  Acharey Mot
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11:6 The hare shall be unclean to you although it brings up its cud, since it does not have a true hoof.
Ve'et-ha'arnevet ki-ma'alat gerah hi ufarsah lo hifrisah tme'ah hi lachem.
11:7 The pig shall be unclean to you although it has a true hoof which is cloven, since it does not chew its cud.
Ve'et-hachazir ki-mafris parsah hu veshosa shesa parsah vehu gerah lo-yigar tame hu lachem.


  or rabbit. Arneveth in Hebrew. Dasypous in Greek (Septuagint), literally, 'hairy foot,' but translated as lepus, a hare, in Latin (Vulgate). This is the angora rabbit (Dryctolagus cuniculus) whose wool is prized (Shabbath 27a). It could be considered to 'bring up its cud' since it regurgitates its food in the early morning hours and then eats it again.

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