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Leviticus Emor
  Acharey Mot
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24:19 If one maims his neighbor, he must be penalized accordingly.
Ve'ish ki-yiten mum ba'amito ka'asher asah ken ye'aseh lo.
24:20 Thus, full compensation must be paid for a fracture or the loss of an eye or a tooth. If one inflicts injury on another person, he must [pay as if the same injury were] inflicted on him.
Shever tachat shever ayin tachat ayin shen tachat shen ka'asher yiten mum ba'adam ken yinaten bo.


penalized accordingly
  Idiomatically expressed as, 'as he did, so shall be done to him.'

full compensation...
  See Exodus 21:24,25.

pay as if...
  (Rashi; Bava Kama 84a). That is, one must pay the amount a person would to avoid such an injury.

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