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Leviticus Tsav
  Acharey Mot
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6:8 With his three middle fingers he shall lift up some of the wheat meal and oil of the offering, and [then remove] all the frankincense on the offering. He shall burn [this] on the altar as an appeasing fragrance - it is the memorial portion to God.
Veherim mimenu bekumtso misolet haminchah umishamnah ve'et kol-halevonah asher al-haminchah vehiktir hamizbe'ach re'ach nicho'ach azkaratah l'Adonay.
6:9 Aaron and his descendants shall then eat the rest of [the offering]. It must be eaten as unleavened bread in a holy place. They must therefore eat it in the enclosure of the Communion Tent.
Vehanoteret mimenah yochelu Aharon uvanav matsot te'achel bemakom kadosh bachatsar ohel-mo'ed yocheluha.
6:10 It shall not be baked as leavened bread.

I have given this to them as their portion of My fire offerings, and it is holy of holies, like the sin offering and the guilt offering.
Lo te'afeh chamets chelkam natati otah me'ishay kodesh kodashim hi kachatat vecha'asham.


three middle fingers
  See note on Leviticus 2:2.

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