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Leviticus Shemini
  Acharey Mot
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9:4 and a bull and a ram for peace offerings. They shall sacrifice these before God along with a meal offering mixed with oil, because God will reveal Himself to you today.'
Veshor va'ayil lishlamim lizboach lifney Adonay uminchah blulah vashamen ki hayom Adonay nir'ah aleychem.
9:5 They brought what Moses ordered to the front of the Communion Tent, and the entire community came forth and stood before God.
Vayikchu et asher tsivah Moshe el-peney Ohel Mo'ed vayikrevu kol-ha'edah vaya'amdu lifney Adonay.
9:6 Moses said, 'This is what God has commanded. Do it and God's glory will be revealed to you.'
Vayomer Moshe zeh hadavar asher-tsivah Adonay ta'asu veyera aleychem kevod Adonay.

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