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Numbers BeMidbar
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1:18 They assembled the entire community on the first day of the second month, and [all the people] were registered by ancestry according to their paternal families. [All] those over 20 years old were counted individually by name.
Ve'et kol-ha'edah hikhilu be'echad lachodesh hasheni vayityaldu al-mishpechotam leveyt avotam bemispar shemot miben esrim shanah vamalah legulgelotam.
1:19 Moses thus took a tally of [the Israelites] in the Sinai Desert as God had commanded him.
Ka'asher tsivah Adonay et-Moshe vayifkedem bemidbar Sinay.


first day of the second month
  See Numbers 1:1.

registered by ancestry
  (Septuagint). Some say that they actually had to bring proof of their ancestry (Rashi; Saadia).

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