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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
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11:12 Was I [the woman] who was pregnant with this nation [in my belly?] Did I give birth to them? But You told me that I must carry them in my bosom, as a nurse carries an infant [until we come] to the land that You swore to their ancestors.
He'anochi hariti et kol-ha'am hazeh im-anochi yelidetihu ki-tomar elay sa'ehu vecheykecha ka'asher yisa ha'omen et-hayonek al ha'adamah asher nishbata la'avotav.
11:13 'Where can I get enough meat to give all these people? They are whining to me to give them some meat to eat.
Me'ayin li basar latet lechol-ha'am hazeh ki-yivku alay lemor tnah-lanu vasar venochelah.
11:14 I cannot be responsible for this entire nation! It's too hard for me!
Lo-uchal anochi levadi laset et-kol-ha'am hazeh ki chaved mimeni.


that I must
  Literally, 'You told me, 'Carry them...' '

until we come
  (Ibn Ezra).

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