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14:3 Why is God bringing us to this land to die by the sword? Our wives and children will be captives! It would be best to go back to Egypt!'
Velamah Adonay mevi otanu el-ha'arets hazot linpol bacherev nasheynu vetapenu yihyu lavaz halo tov lanu shuv Mitsraymah.
14:4 The people started saying to one another, 'Let's appoint a [new] leader and go back to Egypt.'
Vayomru ish el-achiv nitnah rosh venashuvah Mitsraymah.
14:5 Moses and Aaron feel on their faces before the whole assembled Israelite community.
Vayipol Moshe ve'Aharon al-pneyhem lifney kol-kehal adat beney Yisra'el.

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