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15:12 Regardless of the number prepared, you must present [the prescribed meal offering] for each one.
Kamispar asher ta'asu kachah ta'asu la'echad kemisparam.
15:13 In order to present a fire offering that is an appeasing fragrance to God, every native born [Israelite] must present it in this manner, along with the prescribed [grain offerings].
Kol-ha'ezrach ya'aseh-kachah et-eleh lehakriv isheh re'ach-nichoach l'Adonay.
15:14 If a proselyte joins you, or lives among you in future generations, and he prepares a fire offering as an appeasing fragrance to God, he must do it in exactly the same manner.
Vechi-yagur itchem ger o asher-betochechem ledoroteychem ve'asah isheh re'ach-nichoach l'Adonay ka'asher ta'asu ken ya'aseh.

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