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Numbers Korach
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18:19 I have thus given you, together with your sons and daughters, as an eternal portion, the elevated gifts from the sacred offerings that the Israelites present to God. For you and your descendants, this is a covenant that shall be preserved forever before God.
Kol trumot hakodashim asher yarimu veney-Yisra'el l'Adonay natati lecha ulevaneycha velivnoteycha itcha lechok-olam brit melach olam hi lifney Adonay lecha ulezar'acha itach.
18:20 God [then] said to Aaron, 'You will not have any inheritance in the land [of the Israelites]. and you will not have a portion among them. I Myself shall be a portion and inheritance among the Israelites.'
Vayomer Adonay el-Aharon be'artsam lo tinchal vechelek lo-yihyeh lecha betocham ani chelkecha venachalatecha betoch beney Yisra'el.



elevated gifts
  Terumah in Hebrew.

covenant that shall be preserved
  (Saadia; cf. Rashi). Literally, 'covenant of salt.' See Leviticus 2:13; 2 Chronicles 13:5.

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