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Numbers Pinchas
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25:12 Therefore, tell him that I have given him My covenant of peace.
Lachen emor hineni noten lo et-briti shalom.
25:13 This shall imply a covenant of eternal priesthood to him and his descendants after him. It is [given to him] because he zealously took up God's cause and made atonement for the Israelites.'
Vehayetah lo ulezar'o acharav brit kehunat olam tachat asher kine l'Elohav vayechaper al-beney Yisra'el.


eternal priesthood
  This implies that his line of descendants would never die out (Ralbag). It was descendants of Pinchas who served as high priests in the first and second Temples (1 Chronicles 5:30-40, 6:34-38; Ibn Ezra; Ralbag; Chizzkuni).

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