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Numbers Pinchas
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28:27 As an appeasing fragrance to God, you shall then present a burnt offering consisting of two young bulls, one ram and seven yearling sheep.
Vehikravtem olah lere'ach nichoach l'Adonay parim bney-vakar shnayim ayil echad shiv'ah chvasim beney shanah.
28:28 Their grain offering consisting of wheat meal mixed with oil shall be 3/10 [ephah] for each bull, 2/10 for the ram,
Uminchatam solet blulah vashamen shloshah esronim lapar ha'echad shney esronim la'ayil ha'echad.
28:29 and 1/10 for each of the seven sheep.
Isaron isaron lakeves ha'echad leshiv'at hakvasim.
28:30 There shall also be one male goat to atone for you.
Se'ir izim echad lechaper aleychem.

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