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Deuteronomy Re'eh
  Ki Tetse
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  Vezot HaBerachah
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14:8 Also included is the pig, which has a true hoof, but does not have a cud, and is therefore unclean to you.

Do not eat the flesh of these [animals] and do not touch their carcasses.
Ve'et-hachazir ki-mafris parsah hu velo gerah tame hu lachem mibesaram lo tochelu uvenivlatam lo tiga'u.

14:9 Among that which is in the water, you may eat anything that has fins and scales.
Et-zeh tochelu mikol asher bamayim kol asher-lo snapir vekaskeset tochelu.
14:10 But those which have no fins and scales, you may not eat, since they are unclean to you.
Vechol asher eyn-lo snapir vekaskeset lo tochelu tame hu lachem.


do not touch...
  See Leviticus 11:8. Or, 'do not touch [to eat]' (Baaley Tosafoth).

in the water
  Leviticus 11:10-12.

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