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  Vezot HaBerachah
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17:10 Since this decision comes from the place that God shall choose, you must do as they tell you, carefully following their every decision.
Ve'asita al-pi hadavar asher yagidu lecha min-hamakom hahu asher yivchar Adonay veshamarta la'asot kechol asher yorucha.
17:11 [Besides this, in general,] you must keep the Torah as they interpret it for you, and follow the laws that they legislate for you. Do not stray to the right or left from the word that they declare to you.
Al-pi hatorah asher yorucha ve'al-hamishpat asher-yomru lecha ta'aseh lo tasur min-hadavar asher yagidu lecha yamin usmol.


Besides this...
  (Sefer HaMitzvoth, Positive 174; Chinukh 495).

Do not stray
  This is a negative commandment, that also includes legislation (Berakhoth 19b; Shabbath 23a; Sefer HaMitzvoth, Negative 312; Chinukh 496). However, some say that these commandments apply only to decisions and not to legislation (Ramban on Sefer HaMitzvoth, Shoresh 1, 4a ff.)

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