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17:18 When [the king] is established on his royal throne, he must write a copy of this Torah as a scroll edited by the Levitical priests.
Vehayah cheshivto al kise mamlachto vechatav lo et-mishneh hatorah hazot al-sefer milifney hakohanim haLevi'im.
17:19 [This scroll] must always be with him, and he shall read from it all the days of his life. He will then learn to be in awe of God his Lord, and carefully keep every word of this Torah and these rules.
Vehayetah imo vekara vo kol-yemey chayav lema'an yilmad leyir'ah et-Adonay Elohav lishmor et-kol-divrey hatorah hazot ve'et-hachukim ha'eleh la'asotam.


  Literally, 'book,' but all books were then written as scrolls.

Levitical priests
  That is, by the Sanhedrin (Tosefta, Sanhedrin 4:4; Yad, Melakhim 3:1). See note on Deuteronomy 17:9.

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