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3:25 Please let me cross [the Jordan]. Let me see the good land across the Jordan, the good mountain and the Lebanon.
Ebrah-na ve'er'eh et-ha'arets hatovah asher be'ever haYarden hahar hatov hazeh vehaLevanon.
3:26 But God had turned Himself against me because of you, and He would not listen to me. God said to me, 'Enough! Do not speak to Me any more about this!
Vayit'aber Adonay bi lema'anchem velo shama elay vayomer Adonay elay rav-lach al-tosef daber elay od badavar hazeh.


good mountain
  Some say that the reference is to Jerusalem (Sifri; Berakhoth 48b; Rashi).

turned Himself against
  (Hirsch; Septuagint). Hith-avar in Hebrew. Or, 'made Himself angry' (Targum; Rashi; Radak, Sherashim). See Zephaniah 1:15, Psalms 78:49 (Bachya).

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