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On Sabbaths
For the Torah, for the divine worship, for the prophets, and for this Sabbath day which You, O Lord our God, have given us for holiness and for rest, for honour and for glory.
Al-hatorah, ve'al-ha'avodah, ve'al-hanevi'im, ve'al-yom haShabat hazeh, shenatata lanu, Adonay Eloheynu, likdushah velimnuchah, lechavod uletif'aret.
For all these we thank You and bless You, O Lord our God: Blessed be Your name by the mouth of every living being continually and for ever.
Al-hakol Adonay Eloheynu, anachnu modim lach umevarechim otach, yitbarach shimcha befi kol-chay tamid le'olam va'ed.
Blessed are You - the Lord, who sanctifies the Sabbath.
Baruch atah Adonay, mekadesh haShabat.

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