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Genesis Bereshit
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In the beginning, HaShem creates the entire universe, including time itself, out of nothingness. The creation is completed and perfected in six days. On the seventh day, HaShem rests, bringing into existence the spiritual universe of Shabat, which returns every seven days. Adam and Chavah_the Human pair are placed in the Garden of Eden.

Chavah is enticed by the serpent to eat from the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and in turn gives of the fruit to Adam. By absorbing Sin into themselves, Adam and Chavah render themselves incapable of remaining in the spiritual paradise of Eden and are banished. [Death, hard work, (both physically and spiritually) now enter the world, together with pain in childbirth and the struggle to correct the sin of Adam and Chavah, which will be the subject of the history of the world.]

Kayin and Hevel, the first two children of Adam and Chavah, bring offerings to HaShem. Hevel gives the finest of his flock, and his offering is accepted, but Kayin gives inferior produce and his is rejected. In the ensuing quarrel Kayin kills Hevel and is condemned to wander the earth. The Torah traces the genealogy of the other children of Adam and Chavah, and the descendants of Kayin until the birth of Noach. After the death of Shet, mankind descends into evil and HaShem decides that He will blot out Man in a flood which will deluge the world. However, Noach alone finds favour in HaShem's eyes.

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