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Fleeing from Esav, Ya’akov leaves Beersheva and sets out towards Haran, the home of his mother's family. After a fourteen year stopover in the Yeshivah of Shem and Ever, he resumes his journey and comes to Mount Moriyah, the place where his father Yitschak was brought as an offering, and the future site of the Beyt HaMikdash.

He lays down to sleep and has a prophetic dream of angels ascending and descending on a ladder between heaven and earth. HaShem promises him the Land of Israel; that he will father a great nation; and he will be guarded by Divine protection everywhere. Ya’akov awakes and vows to build an altar there and tithe all that he will receive.

Then he travels to Haran and meets his cousin Rachel at the well. He arranges with her father, Lavan, to work seven years for her hand in marriage, but Lavan deceives Ya’akov, and substitutes Rachel's elder sister, Le’ah. He then commits himself to work another seven years in order to also marry Rachel. Le’ah bears him four sons -- Re’uven, Shimon, Levi and Yehudah -- the first of the Tribes of Israel. Rachel is jealous that she cannot conceive, and gives her handmaiden Bilhah to Yaakov. Bilhah bears Dan and Naftali. Le’ah also gives Ya’akov her handmaiden Zilpah, and she bears Gad and Asher. Le’ah now gives birth to Yisachar, Zevulun, and a daughter, Dinah. HaShem finally blesses Rachel with a son, Yosef.

Ya’akov decides to leave Lavan, but Lavan, aware of how much wealth Ya’akov has made for him, is reluctant to let him go, and concludes a contract of employment with him. Lavan tries again to swindle Ya’akov, but is unsuccessful, and Ya’akov becomes extremely wealthy. Twenty years later, Ya’akov, aware that Lavan has become resentful of his wealth, takes advantage of his father-in-law's temporary absence, and flees with his family. Lavan pursues them but is warned by HaShem not to harm them. A covenant is agreed upon by Ya’akov and Lavan, and Lavan returns home. Ya’akov continues on his way to face his brother Esav.

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