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Exodus Pekudey
  Ki Tisa
The Book of Shemot comes to its conclusion with this Parashah. After finishing all the different parts, vessels and garments used in the Mishkan, Moshe gives a complete accounting and enumeration of all the contributions and of the various clothing and vessels which had been fashioned. The Beney Yisrael bring everything to Moshe. He inspects the handiwork and notes that everything was made according to HaShem's specifications. Moshe blesses the people. HaShem speaks to Moshe and tells him that the Mishkan should be set up on the first day of the first month, i.e., Nisan. He also tells Moshe the order of assembly for the Mishkan and its vessels. Moshe does everything in the prescribed manner. When the Mishkan is finally complete with every vessel in its place, a cloud descends upon it, indicating that HaShem's glory was resting there. Whenever the cloud moved away from the Mishkan, the Beney Yisrael would follow it. At night the cloud was replaced by a pillar of fire.

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