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Numbers BeHa'alotecha
Aharon is taught the method for kindling the Menorah. Moshe sanctifies the Levi'im to work in the Mishkan. They replace the firstborn, who were disqualified after sinning with the golden calf. After five years of training, the Levi'im serve in the Mishkan from ages 30 to 50; afterwards they engage in less strenuous work.

One year after the Exodus from Egypt, HaShem commands Moshe concerning the Korban Pesach. Those ineligible for the Korban Pesach request a remedy, and thus is given the mitsvah of Pesach Sheni, which allows a 'second chance' to offer the Korban Pesach one month later.

Miraculous clouds that hover near the Mishkan signal when to travel and when to camp. Two silver trumpets summon the princes or the entire nation for announcements. The trumpets also signal travel plans, war or festivals. The order in which the Tribes march is specified. Moshe invites his father-in-law, Yitro, to join the Beney Yisrael, but Yitro returns to Midyan. At the instigation of the Eruv Rav (the mixed multitude of Egyptians who joined the Beney Yisrael in the Exodus) some of the people complain about the manna. Moshe protests that he is unable to govern the nation alone. HaShem tells him to select 70 elders, the first Sanhedrin, to assist him, and informs him that the people will be given meat until they will be sickened by it. Two candidates for the group of elders prophesy beyond their mandate, foretelling that Yehoshua instead of Moshe will bring the people to Canaan. Some protest, including Yehoshua, but Moshe is pleased that others have become Prophets. HaShem sends an incessant supply of quail for those who complained that they lacked meat.

A plague punishes those who complained. Miryam makes a constructive remark to Aharon which also implies that Moshe is only like other Prophets. HaShem explains that Moshe's prophecy is superior to that of any other Prophet, and punishes Miryam with tsara'at, as if she had gossiped about her brother. Moshe prays for her, and the nation waits until she is cured before travelling.

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