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HaShem tells Moshe to inform Pinchas that he will receive HaShem's 'covenant of peace' as reward for his bold action -- executing Zimri and the Midianite princess Kozbi. HaShem commands Moshe that the people must maintain a state of enmity with the Midyanim because they allured the Jewish People to sin. Moshe and Elazar are told to count the Jewish People. The Torah lists the names of the families in each of the Tribes. The total number of males eligible to serve in the army is 601,730. HaShem instructs Moshe how to allot the Land of Israel to the Beney Yisrael. The number of the families of the Levites is recorded. The daughters of Tslofchad file a claim with Moshe: in the absence of a brother, they request their late father's portion in the Land. Moshe asks HaShem what the ruling is in this case, and HaShem tells him that the daughters' claim is just. The Torah teaches the laws and priorities which determine the order of an inheritance. HaShem tells Moshe to ascend a mountain and view the Land that the Jewish People will soon enter, although Moshe himself will not enter. Moshe asks HaShem to designate the subsequent leader of the people, and HaShem selects Yehoshua bin Nun. Moshe ordains Yehoshua as his successor in the presence of the entire nation. The Parashah concludes with special teachings of the service in the Beyt HaMikdash.

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