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Moshe teaches the rules and restrictions governing oaths and vows -- especially the role of a husband or father in either upholding or annulling vow. The Beney Yisrael go to war against Midyan. They kill the five Midyani kings, all of the males and Bil’am. Moshe is upset that women were taken as captives, because they were catalysts for the immoral behavior of the Jewish People. He rebukes the officers. The spoils of war are counted and apportioned. The commanding officers report to Moshe that there was not one casualty among the Beney Yisrael. They bring an offering, which is taken from them by Moshe and El’azar and placed in the Ohel Mo'ed (Tent of Meeting). The Tribes of Gad and Re’uven, who own large quantities of livestock, petition Moshe to remain where they are and not traverse the Jordan river into Israel. They explain that the land where they are presently located is quite suitable as grazing land for their livestock. Moshe's initial response is that this request will discourage the rest of the Beney Yisrael, and is akin to the sin of the spies. They assure Moshe that they will first help the Beney Yisrael wage war and conquer Israel, and only then will they go back to their homes the eastern side of the Jordan River. Moshe grants their request on condition that they uphold their part of the deal.

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