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The Torah names all forty-two encampments of the Beney Yisrael on their forty- year journey from the Exodus to the crossing of the Jordan river into Erets Yisrael. HaShem commands the Beney Yisrael to drive out the Kna’anim from Erets Yisrael and to demolish all vestige of their idolatry. The Beney Yisra are warned that if they fail to rid the land completely of the Kna’anim, those who remain will be pins in their eyes and thorns in their sides. The boundaries of the land of Israel are defined, and the tribes are commanded to set aside forty-eight cities for the Levi’im, who do not receive a regular portion in the division of the land. Cities of refuge are to be established and someone who murders unintentionally may flee there. The daughters of Tslofchad marry members of their tribe so that their inheritance will stay in their own tribe. Thus ends the Book of Bemidbar/Numbers, the fourth of the Books of The Torah.

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