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We are particularly grateful to those who gave World ORT the opportunity to develop Navagating the Bible by investing in the project right at the start. Maurice Hatter (UK) was the first major donor and his lead encouraged other donors from many countries to particpate in funding this unique resource. As the project has grown, so we have been fortunate in receiving support from more international donors. The names of our generous friends are listed below. If you would like to help ORT to continue this remarkable work, please contact our
PR and Marketing department or telephone: 020 7446 8500 or fax: 020 7446 8650.

World ORT Union is grateful to the following for their generous support of Navigating the Bible.

Florences Rosenthal
In memory of Florences Rosenthal of Women's American ORT, $25,000 was generously donated to the World ORT Union to be put towards Jewish Education. This has been a great help for the progress of Navigating the Bible.

    Maurice Hatter - (UK, main sponsor)

    Mr Paul Borman (USA)
    Mr & Mrs Mayerd Broida (USA)
    Jorge Gruenberg - (Peru)
    David B Hermelin - (USA)
    H M Pinkas - (Venezuela)
    Genia Ruben - (Denmark)
    Uziel Steinberg - (Israel)
    David Yussim - (Uruguay)

    American ORT
    ORT Canada
    ORT Israel
    ORT US Operations
    Women's American ORT

    Maurice Hatter (UK) Major donor

    Jeffrey M. Reiff, Morris Gocial, Dr Benjamin Gocial, Steven Waldman, George Pomerantz, George Stassen (Philadelphia Chapter of American ORT)
    Martin Behr (SA)
    British ORT Women's Division
    Malcolm Chaikin (Australia)
    Ruth Eisenberg (USA)
    Robert Feldman (USA)
    David Hermelin
    Sandy Isenstein (USA)
    Roberto Jarach (Italy)
    Murray S. and Nathalie Katz (USA)
    Allan Kronstadt (USA)
    Simon Malkes (France)
    Mauricio Merikanskas (Mexico)
    J-H Leopold Metzger (France)
    ORT South Africa
    Michael Naughton (UK)
    Ruth S. Taffel (USA)

World ORT Union is grateful to those who have sponsored a portion in their own name or the name of a special person:

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    Barnett S Bergman (UK)Pekudey
    Cantor Jack Chomsky (USA)BeHar
    Emanuel Wolfe Davidson (UK)Yitro
    Shelley and Marvin Fagel (USA)
    in honour of the BarMitzvah of Benjamin J. Fagel
    in honour of the BatMitzvah of Kerri Illyse Fagel
    Carol & Bernard Freibaum (USA)
    in honour of the BatMitzvah of David Jeremy Freibaum
    David J Goldstone (UK)Terumah
    Derek Hatter (UK)Vayakhel
    Sophia Catherine Hella Johnson (UK)Balak
    Guy Alexander Michael Johnson (UK)Shoftim
    Gerald Julian Lipton (UK)Lech Lecha
    Larry and Suellen Kadis (USA)VaYetse
    Mark and Marcy Kanter (USA)
    in honour of the BarMitzvah of Sammy Kanter
    Linda and Howard Kirschbaum (USA)
    in honour of the BatMitzvah of Joanna Kirschbaum
    Richard Lawson (UK)Vayelech
    Judith and Stephen Levin (USA)
    in honour of the BarMitzvah of Jordan Ellis Levin
    in honour of the BatMitzvah of Audrey Lauren Levin
    Murial & Dr. Ira Markman (USA)
    in memory of Leslie Richard Gordon
    Claire and Robert Mazer (USA)
    in honour of the BarMitzvah of Ari Mazer
    Richard & Philippa Mintz (UK)
    on the occasion of Joshua's BarMitzvah
    Judi Newman (UK)Shemot
    Jeremy S Newman (UK)Bereshit
    Gerald Maurice Ronson (UK)Naso
    Jeri & Joel Rothman (USA)
    in honour of their 10th Wedding Anniversary
    Susan & Leonard Rubin (USA)
    in honour of the BatMitzvah of Bradley S. Rubin
    Eileen & Harold Sirkin
    in honour of Jessica Sirkin's Bat Mitzvah
    to be held February 3, 2001
    Ruth & Mendy Taffel (USA)
    in honour of Jordyn Silverstein
    in honour of Dani Silverstein

    Isidoro Gorodischer (Chile)
    Mrs Norma Werthein (Argentina)
    Dr David Yussim (Uruguay)
    ORT Mexico


The Russian translation of Navigating the Bible has been
underwritten by the members of Suburban Chicago Region,
Women's American ORT.
It is our pleasure to bring the Bible and Technology back
to the language of the birthplace of ORT.

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