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Ezekiel 28:25 - 29:21  
28:25 Thus said God the Lord: When I have gathered the house of Israel from the peoples among whom they are scattered, and have revealed My holiness through them in the sight of the nations, then they will dwell in their own land which I gave to My servant Jacob.
Koh amar Adonay Elohim bekabetsi et-beyt Yisra'el min-ha'amim asher nafotsu vam venikdashti vam le'eyney hagoyim veyashvu al-admatam asher natati le'avdi le-Ya'akov.
28:26 They will dwell securely in it, and build houses and plant vineyards. They will dwell securely after I have executed judgments upon all those who treated them with disdain; and they will know that I am God their Lord.
Veyashevu aleyha lavetach uvanu vatim venate'u cheramim veyashevu lavetach ba'asoti shfatim bechol hashatim otam misevivotam veyade'u ki ani Adonay Eloheyhem.

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