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 Aryeh Kaplan
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Navigating the Bible was conceived by Dr Ellen Isler, former Director General of the World ORT Union, originally as a means by which a Jewish boy or girl could study and learn to recite their Bar or Bat Mitzvah portion of the Torah. It was also envisaged at the time that the material, in enabling someone to study the Torah at a place and time of their own choosing, would appeal both to those who wanted to re-establish their Jewish roots or else who were remote from centres of Jewish learning and wanted to maintain some form of contact.

Given its original scope, the project was initially known as The Bar Mitzvah Project. However, it was felt that the project should be expanded to cover not only the needs of those for whom it was originally aimed, but also to provide a means by which others might explore the Five Books of Moses from a number of different perspectives.

The title of the Late Rabbi Kaplan’s ‘The Living Torah’ is well chosen. It is incumbent for each generation to study the Torah, and in assimilating the written and oral laws, to interpret the issues of the day in terms of the values given to us in the Five Books of Moses.

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