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 Aryeh Kaplan
 Cantor Moshe Haschel
 The ORT Team
Michael Abrahams
Contributor (Tradition) and consultant

Sirkku Carey
Audio transliteration and editing, scanning, quality control

Angela Cutler
Graphic design and WebMaster for Navigating the Bible on the Internet -

Howard Dunn
Lead programmer, design, audio production

Aviv Ekrony
Atlas planning

Caroline Field
Data entry, proof-reading, quality control

Neil Forster
Database design and analysis

Judah Harstein
Religious consultant

Claudia Held
Contributor (Study Glossary)

Amanda Horton
Contributor (Study Glossary)

Matthew Israelsohn
Calendar development

Peter Koeslag
Database design and analysis

June Mares
Focus group feedback

Mijail Mendez
Data entry, proof-reading, quality control

Orna Neumann
Lead contributor (Study Glossary)

Tony Norcross
Programmer and database development

Michael Shain
Project director

Alfredo Soto
Database design and analysis

Carolyn Shafran
Preliminary database design and development

Gio Zanetta
Prototype development and project costings

In addition to the design team, we would like to thank the following for their typing, proof-reading and checking:

Tania Fraenkel, Julie Gourgey, Sarah Holder, Helena Horesh, Paula Lee and May Obadia.

Thank you for your support!

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