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Exodus Chapter 39
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The Materials
39:1 From the sky-blue, dark red and crimson wool, they made the packing cloths for sacred use.

They [also] made the sacred vestments for Aaron, as God had commanded Moses.

Making the Ephod
39:2 He made the ephod out of gold [thread], sky-blue, dark red and crimson wool, and twined linen.
39:3 They beat out thin sheets of gold, and cut them into threads, which were [then] included in the sky-blue, dark red and crimson wool, and the fine linen.

[The ephod was made] as a patterned brocade.

39:4 They made shoulder pieces for it, sewn to its two corners.
39:5 The ephod's attached belt, [woven] together with it, was made in the same manner, [also] out of gold [thread], sky-blue, dark red and crimson wool, and twined linen. [It was thus made] as God had commanded Moses.

Setting the Sardonyxes
39:6 They prepared the sardonyx stones to be placed in the settings. The [stones] were engraved as on a signet ring with the names of Israel's sons.
39:7 He placed them on the ephod's shoulder pieces as remembrance stones for Israel's sons. [It was done] as God had commanded Moses.

Making the Breastplate
39:8 He made the breastplate out of brocaded work, just like the ephod. [It was also] made from gold [thread], sky-blue, dark red and crimson wool, and twined linen.
39:9 The breastplate was made to be a square when folded over. It was a span long, and when folded over, a span wide.
39:10 [The breastplate] was set with four rows of precious stones:

The first row: carnelian, emerald, topaz.

39:11 The second row: carbuncle, sapphire, beryl.
39:12 The third row: jacinth, agate, amethyst.
39:13 The fourth row: chyrsolite, onyx, jasper.
39:14 The stones contained the names of Israel's sons. There were twelve names, engraved as on a signet ring, one for each of the twelve tribes.
39:15 Matched pure gold cables, braided like cords, were attached to the breastplate.
39:16 They made two gold settings and two gold rings, and they placed the two rings on the breastplate's two [upper] corners.
39:17 The two gold braids were then attached to the two rings on the breastplate's corners.
39:18 The two braids on the two corners were attached to the two settings, and they were thus attached to the ephod's shoulder pieces toward the front.
39:19 They made two gold rings and placed them on the breastplate's two [lower] corners, on the edge toward the inside of the ephod.
39:20 They made two gold rings, and placed them on the bottoms of the ephod's two shoulder pieces toward the front, near where they were attached, above the ephod's belt.
39:21 They laced the breastplate by its rings to the rings of the ephod with a twist of sky-blue wool, so that the breastplate would remain above the ephod's belt. The breastplate would thus not be displaced from the ephod.

[All this was done] as God had commanded Moses.

Making the Robe
39:22 He made the robe for the ephod, weaving it completely out of sky-blue wool.
39:23 The robe's opening was in the middle, like the opening of a coat of mail, with a border all around so that it not be left open.
39:24 On the skirt of the robe, they made pomegranates out of twined sky-blue, dark red and crimson wool.
39:25 They made pure gold bells, and placed the bells between the pomegranates. [The bells] were thus all around on the bottom of the robe between the pomegranates.
39:26 There was a bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a pomegranate, all around the bottom of the robe.

[It was thus made] for the divine service, as God had commanded Moses.

Making the Other Vestments
39:27 They made the tunics for Aaron and his sons by weaving them out of fine linen.
39:28 [They made] the linen turban, the fine linen hats, and the line pants, [all out of] twined linen.
39:29 [They made] the belt, embroidered out of twined linen, and sky-blue, dark red and crimson wool.

[It was all done] as God had commanded Moses.

Making the Head-plate
39:30 They made the head-plate as a sacred coronet, out of pure gold. Written on it, in the same manner as a signet ring's engraving, were [the words], 'Holy to God.'
39:31 They placed a twist of sky-blue wool on [the head-plate], so that it could be placed over the turban. [It was all done] as God had commanded Moses.

The Tabernacle is Completed
39:32 All the work on the Communion Tent Tabernacle was thus completed. The Israelites did exactly as God had commanded Moses.

Moses Approves
39:33 They brought the Tabernacle to Moses. [There was] the Communion Tent along with its equipment, its fastenings, beams, crossbars, pillars and bases;
39:34 the roof of reddened rams' hides, the roof of blue processed hides, the cloth partition;
39:35 the Ark of Testimony and its carrying poles, the ark cover,
39:36 the table and its equipment, the showbread,
39:37 the pure [gold] menorah along with its prescribed lamps, all its utensils, and the illuminating oil;
39:38 the golden altar, the anointing oil, the perfumed incense, the Communion Tent's drape;
39:39 the copper altar along with its carrying poles and all its equipment; the washstand and its base;
39:40 the hangings for the enclosure, its poles and bases, the drape for the enclosure's entrance, its tying ropes and stakes, all the equipment used in the Communion Tent Tabernacle's service,
39:41 the packing cloths for sacred use, the sacred vestments for Aaron the priest, and the vestments that his sons would wear to serve.
39:42 The Israelites had done all the work exactly in the manner that God had commanded Moses.
39:43 When Moses saw that all the work had been done exactly as God had ordered, he blessed [all the workers].


  See note on Exodus 36:10.

made the ephod
  The next few sections parallel Exodus 28:6-43.

thin sheets
  See Numbers 17:3 (Radak, Sherashim).

  Some say that gold threads were also interwoven in the tapestries for the Tabernacle (Baraitha of 49 Middoth).

woven together
  Two expressions. Two words in Exodus 28:8 are transposed, giving the verse a slightly different meaning.

when folded over
  A detail not mentioned in Exodus 28:16. It appears that it was folded over in the width and not in the length.

attached to
  In Exodus 28:22 the verse has 'for' instead (cf. Chizzkuni).

weaving it
  A detail not mentioned in Exodus 28:31 (cf. Yoma 72b; Zevachim 88a).

  A detail not mentioned in Exodus 28:33.

  (Rashi; Ibn Janach; Radak, Sherashim). P'er in Hebrew. Or, 'the turban hats' (Ramban; cf. Isaiah 3:20, Ezekiel 44:18). Or, 'the buttons on top of the hats' (Hai Gaon, quoted in Chizzkuni). Or, 'the knob on the side of the hat [to hold the turban]' (Lekach Tov). According to Josephus, this might be the cloth placed over the turbans (see note on Exodus 28:39).

over the turban
  Thus, some say that either one thread went over the turban, or the cap went over the turban (see note on Exodus 28:37). Or, 'to place it near the turban, which is above it (Targum Yonathan).

was thus completed
  This was on 25 Kislev, which would later be the first day of Chanukah (BeMidbar Rabbah 13:2; Chizzkuni). Nevertheless, the Tabernacle was not erected until 1 Nissan (see Exodus 40:2).

They brought...
  See Exodus 35:11-19.

prescribed lamps
  (Ramban). Or, 'lamps to be lit' (Chizzkuni).

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