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Exodus Subjects
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Chapter 1
   Israel's Growth
   The New Order
Chapter 2
   New Oppression
Chapter 3
   The Burning Bush
Chapter 4
   The Burning Bush
   Moses Leaves Midian
   First Confrontation with Pharaoh
Chapter 5
   First Confrontation with Pharaoh
Chapter 6
   First Confrontation with Pharaoh
   Moses Demurs
   Aaron is Included
   Second Demurral
Chapter 7
   Moses Told What to Expect
   The Staff Becomes a Serpent
   Warnings for the First Plague
   Blood: The First Plague
   Frogs: The Second Plague
Chapter 8
   Frogs: The Second Plague
   Lice: The Third Plague
   Harmful Creatures: The Fourth Plague
Chapter 9
   Epidemic: The Fifth Plague
   Boils: The Sixth Plague
   Hail: The Seventh Plague
Chapter 10
   Locusts: The Eighth Plague
   Darkness: The Ninth Plague
Chapter 11
   Preparations for the Final Plague
   Death of the First-Born
   Final Reassurance
Chapter 12
   The Passover Described
   Passover Preparations
   The Final Plague
   The Exodus
   Passover Laws
   Leaving Egypt
Chapter 13
   Commemorating the Exodus
   Consecration of the First-Born
   The Route from Egypt
Chapter 14
   Egypt Pursues
   Crossing the Sea
   The Egyptians' Downfall
Chapter 15
   The Song of the Red Sea
   Miriam's Song
   The Bitter Waters
   Elim and Sin
Chapter 16
   Elim and Sin
   Promise of Food
   The Manna
   The Sabbath
Chapter 17
   Water from the Rock
   Divine Vengeance
Chapter 18
   Jethro's Advice
Chapter 19
   The Ten Commandments
Chapter 20
   The First Two Commandments
   The Third Commandment
   The Fourth Commandment
   The Fifth Commandment
   The Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Commandments
   The Tenth Commandment, Envy
   Aftermath of the Ten Commandments
   Concluding Rules
Chapter 21
   Laws: The Hebrew Slave
   The Hebrew Maidservant
   Injuring a Parent
   Cursing a Parent
   Personal Injury
   Killing of Slaves
   Personal Damages
   Injury to Slaves
   The Killer Ox
   A Hole in the Ground
   Damage by Goring
   Penalties for Stealing
Chapter 22
   Penalties for Stealing
   Damage by Grazing
   Damage by Fire
   The Unpaid Custodian
   The Paid Custodian
   The Borrowed Article
   Occult Practices; Bestiality
   Idolatry and Oppression
   Lending Money
   Accepting Authority
Chapter 23
   Strayed Animals
   The Fallen Animal
   Justice and Festivals
   Promises and Instructions
   The Land
Chapter 24
   Sealing the Covenant
   Moses Ascends
Chapter 25
   The Offering Described
   The Ark
   The Table
   The Menorah Lamp
Chapter 26
   The Tabernacle
   The Beams
   The Cloth Partition
Chapter 27
   The Altar
   The Enclosure
   Oil for the Lamp
Chapter 28
   The Priestly Vestments
   The Ephod
   The Settings
   The Breastplate
   The Robe
   The Other Vestments
Chapter 29
   Consecration of the Priests
   Consecrating the Altar
Chapter 30
   The Incense Altar
   Instructions for a Census
   The Washstand
   The Anointing Oil
   The Incense
Chapter 31
   The Architects
   The Sabbath
   The Golden Calf
Chapter 32
   The Golden Calf
   Moses' Response
   Moses Descends
Chapter 33
   Moses and the Decree
   Moses' Plea
   The Divine Glory
Chapter 34
   The Second Tablets
   Moses Returns with the Tablets
Chapter 35
   The Sabbath
   Materials for the Tabernacle
   Appointing the Architects
Chapter 36
   Appointing the Architects
   Making the Tabernacle
   Making the Over-tent
   Making the Beams
Chapter 37
   Making the Ark
   Making the Table
   Making the Lamp
   Making the Incense Altar
Chapter 38
   Making the Sacrificial Altar
   Making the Washstand
   Making the Enclosure
   The Accounting
   The Materials
Chapter 39
   The Materials
   Making the Ephod
   Setting the Sardonyxes
   Making the Breastplate
   Making the Robe
   Making the Other Vestments
   Making the Head-plate
   The Tabernacle is Completed
   Moses Approves
Chapter 40
   Orders for Erecting the Tabernacle
   The Tabernacle is Erected
   Placing the Ark
   Placing the Table
   Placing the Lamp
   Placing the Incense Altar
   The Drape and the Altar
   Placing the Washstand
   Setting up the Enclosure
   The Cloud on the Tabernacle

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