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Leviticus Subjects
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Chapter 1
   Burnt Offerings of Cattle
   Burnt Offerings of Smaller Animals
   Burnt Offerings of Birds
Chapter 2
   The Meal Offering
   The Baked Offering
   The Pan Offering
   The Deep Fried Offering
   The First Grain Offering
Chapter 3
   Peace Offerings of Cattle
   Peace Offerings of Sheep
   Peace Offerings of Goats
Chapter 4
   Sin Offerings for the High Priest
   Sin Offerings for the Community
   Sin Offerings for the King
   Sin Offerings for Commoners
   Sheep as a Sin Offering
Chapter 5
   The Adjustable Guilt Offering
   The Meal Offering for Guilt
   The Misappropriation Sacrifice
   The Offering for Questionable Guilt
   Offerings for Dishonesty
Chapter 6
   Ashes of the Burnt Offering
   Laws of the Meal Offering
   The High Priest's Offering
   Laws of Sin Offerings
Chapter 7
   Laws of Guilt Offerings
   Laws of Peace Offerings
   The Priests' Portion
Chapter 8
   Installation of the Priests
Chapter 9
   The Eighth Day; Nadav and Avihu Die
Chapter 10
   The Eighth Day; Nadav and Avihu Die
   Completing the Service
Chapter 11
   The Dietary Laws
   Smaller Animals
   Other Laws Involving Animals
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
   The Leprous Curse
   Healthy Skin in a Spot
   Leprosy on an Infection
   Leprosy on a Burn
   Bald Patches
   Dull White Spots
   Discoloration of Garments
Chapter 14
   Purification of a Leper
   The Poor Leper's Offering
   Discoloration in Houses
Chapter 15
   Male Discharges
   Seminal Discharges
   Female Discharges
Chapter 16
   The Yom Kippur Service
Chapter 17
   Slaughtering Animals
Chapter 18
   Sexual Laws
   A Stepmother
   A Sister
   A Half Sister
   A Paternal Aunt
   A Maternal Aunt
   An Uncle's Wife
   A Daughter-in-Law
   A Sister-in-Law
   Other Forbidden Relations
Chapter 19
   Holiness Laws
   Forbidden Practices
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
   Priestly Laws
   The High Priest
   Blemished Priests
Chapter 22
   Priestly Purity
   Blemished Animals
   Acceptable Animals
Chapter 23
   Special Days: The Sabbath
   The Omer
   Counting the Omer; Shavuoth
   Rosh HaShanah
   Yom Kippur
Chapter 24
   The Lamp
   The Showbread
   The Blasphemer
   Penalties for Blasphemy
Chapter 25
   The Sabbatical Year
   The Jubilee
   Redemption of Land
   Houses in Walled Cities
   Helping Others
   Slaves of Gentiles
Chapter 26
   Slaves of Gentiles
   Rewards for Obedience
   Punishments for Disobedience
   Destruction and Repentance
Chapter 27
   Endowment Valuations
   Endowments of Animals and Real Estate

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