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Chapter 1
   The Census
   The Total
   The Levites
Chapter 2
   The Camp: Judah to the East
   Reuben to the South
   The Tabernacle on the March
   Ephraim to the West
   Dan to the North
   The Camp as a Whole
Chapter 3
   Genealogy of Aaron
   Status of the Levites
   In Place of the First-Born
   Census of the Levites: Gershon
   Kehoth and Merari
   Census of the First-Born
   Substituting the Levites
Chapter 4
   Duties for Kehoth
   Precautions for the Kehothites
   Duties of Gershon
   Duties of Merari; Tally of Kehoth
   Tally of Gershon and Merari
Chapter 5
   Purifying the Camp
   The Suspected Adulteress
Chapter 6
   The Nazirite
   The Priestly Blessing
Chapter 7
   The Leaders' Offering
   The Dedication Offerings: Judah
   The Second Day: Issachar
   The Third Day: Zebulun
   The Fourth Day: Reuben
   The Fifth Day: Simeon
   The Sixth Day: Gad
   The Seventh Day: Ephraim
   The Eighth Day: Manasseh
   The Ninth Day: Benjamin
   The Tenth Day: Gad
   The Eleventh Day: Asher
   The Twelfth Day: Naphtali
   The Altar's Dedication
Chapter 8
   Lighting the Lamp
   Inaugurating the Levites
   Levitical Terms of Service
Chapter 9
   Passover in the Desert
   Making Up the Passover Offering
   Divine Signs to Move On
Chapter 10
   The Trumpets
   The Journey from Sinai
   The Ark Goes Forth
Chapter 11
   The Promise of Meat
   The Quail
Chapter 12
   Miriam and Aaron Complain
   Miriam's Punishment
   Miriam Quarantined
Chapter 13
   Exploring the Promised Land
Chapter 14
   Exploring the Promised Land
   Threat of Destruction
   The Decree of Forty Years Wandering
Chapter 15
   Meal Offerings for Sacrifices
   The Dough Offering
   Communal Sin Offerings for Idolatry
   Individual Sin Offerings for Idolatry
   The Man Gathering Sticks on the Sabbath
   The Penalty for Sabbath Violation
Chapter 16
   Korach's Rebellion
   Moses Intercedes for Israel
   Korach's Punishment
Chapter 17
   The Incense Pans
   Fear and Complaint
   Aaron Saves the People
   The Test of Staffs
   Aaron's Staff
   Fear of the Sanctuary
Chapter 18
   Duties of Priests and Levites
   The Priestly Share
   The Levitical Share
   The Levites' Priestly Gifts
Chapter 19
   The Red Cow
Chapter 20
   Miriam's Death; Lack of Water
   Water from the Rock
   Punishment of Moses and Aaron
   Encounter with Edom
   Aaron's Death
Chapter 21
   Confrontation with Canaan
   The Snakes' Further Journeys
   Song of the Well
   Confrontations with Sichon and Og
Chapter 22
   Confrontations with Sichon and Og
   Balak and Balaam
Chapter 23
   Balak and Balaam
Chapter 24
   Balak and Balaam
Chapter 25
   Israel Sins with Moab
   Pinchas' Reward
   Orders to Attack Midian
Chapter 26
   The New Census: Reuben
   Naphtali; Total
   Dividing the Land
   Tally of the Levites
Chapter 27
   Tzelafchad's Daughters
   Inheritance for Daughters
   Moses Told to Prepare for Death
   Joshua Chosen to Replace Moses
Chapter 28
   The Daily Sacrifice
   The Additional Sabbath Offering
   The New Moon Offering
   The Passover Offering
   The Shavuoth Offering
Chapter 29
   The New Year Offering
   The Yom Kippur Offering
   The Sukkoth Offering: First Day
   The Second Day of Sukkoth
   The Third Day of Sukkoth
   The Fourth Day of Sukkoth
   The Fifth Day of Sukkoth
   The Sixth Day of Sukkoth
   The Seventh Day of Sukkoth
   The Shemini Atzereth Offering
Chapter 30
   The Shemini Atzereth Offering
Chapter 31
   Attacking the Midianites
   Purification After the War
   Dedicating a Portion of the Spoil
Chapter 32
   The Petition of Reuben and Gad
   Moses Objects to the Petition
   A Pledge of Aid by Reuben and Gad
   Moses' Conditions; Conquests
Chapter 33
   Journeys: The Exodus to Aaron's Death
   Final Journeys
   Occupying the Land
Chapter 34
   The Land's Boundaries
   New Leadership
Chapter 35
   Levitical Cities
   Refuge Cities; Murder
Chapter 36
   Intermarriage Between Tribes

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