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Deuteronomy Subjects
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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
   Encountering Esau
   Encountering Moab
   Encountering Ammon
   Last Episodes in the Desert
Chapter 3
   Last Episodes in the Desert
   Moses' Plea to Enter the Holy Land
Chapter 4
   Foundations of the Faith
   Allegiance to God
   Refuge Cities
Chapter 5
   Review of the Ten Commandments
   The First Two Commandments
   The Third Commandment
   The Fourth Commandment
   The Fifth Commandment
   The Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth Commandments
   The Tenth Commandment
   After the Revelation
Chapter 6
   After the Revelation
   Sh'ma: The Creed
   Dangers of Prosperity
   Keeping the Commandments
   Recalling the Exodus
Chapter 7
   Warnings Against Assimilation
   Rewards for Obedience
Chapter 8
   Dangers of Overconfidence
   Warnings Against Idolatry
Chapter 9
   Warnings Against Self-Righteousness
Chapter 10
   The Second Tablets
   Following God's Way
Chapter 11
   Following God's Way
   A Demanding Land
   Yoke of the Commandments
   Promise of Victory
   The Choice Between Good and Evil
   Unified Worship
Chapter 12
   Unified Worship
   Non-Sacrificial Flesh
   Worshiping God with Idolatrous Practices
Chapter 13
   Worshiping God with Idolatrous Practices
   The Idolatrous Prophet
   Idolatrous Missionaries
   The Apostate City
Chapter 14
   Reponsibilities of a Chosen People
   Forbidden Animals
   Aquatic Creatures
   The Second Tithe
   Tithes for the Poor
Chapter 15
   The Remission Year
   Lending Money
   The Israelite Slave
   First-Born Animals
Chapter 16
   Judges and Justice
   Sacred Trees and Pillars
Chapter 17
   Blemished Sacrifice
   Penalties for Idolatry
   The Supreme Court
   The Monarch
Chapter 18
   The Levitical Priests
   The Priestly Portion
   Special Service
   Divination and Prophecy
Chapter 19
   Refuge Cities
   Preserving Boundaries
Chapter 20
   Preparing for War
   Taking Captives
   Conducting a Siege
Chapter 21
   The Unsolved Murder
   Woman Captives
   The First-Born's Share
   The Rebellious Son
   Hanging and Burial
Chapter 22
   Returning Lost Articles
   The Fallen Animal
   The Bird's Nest
   Guard-Rails; Mixed Agriculture
   Forbidden Combinations
   Bound Tassels
   The Defamed Wife
   If the Accusation is True
   Penalty for Adultery
   The Betrothed Maiden
   The Unmarried Girl
Chapter 23
   A Father's Woman
   Mutilated Genitals
   The Bastard
   Ammonites and Moabites
   Edomites and Egyptians
   The Army Camp
   Sheltering Slaves
   Deducted Interest
   Keeping Vows
   The Worker in a Vineyard
   The Field Worker
Chapter 24
   Divorce and Remarriage
   The New Bridegroom; The Millstone
   Security for Loans
   Paying Wages on Time
   Testimony of Close Relatives
   Widows and Orphans
   Forgotten Sheaves
   Leftover Fruit
Chapter 25
   The Childless Brother-in-Law
   The Assailant
   Weights and Measures
   Remembering Amalek
Chapter 26
   First Fruits
   Declaration for Removing Tithes
   Concluding the Commandments
Chapter 27
   The Written Stones
   Becoming a Nation
   Blessings and Curses
   The First Curse
   The Second Curse
   The Third Curse
   The Fourth Curse
   The Fifth and Sixth Curses
   The Seventh Curse
   The Eighth Curse
   The Ninth Curse
   The Tenth Curse
   The Eleventh Curse
   The Twelfth Curse
Chapter 28
   The Blessing for Obedience
   The Curse of Disobedience
   The Covenant
Chapter 29
   Moses' Final Discourse
   The Covenant Renewed
Chapter 30
   Repentance and Restoration
   Availability of the Torah
   Free Choice
Chapter 31
   Preparation for New Leadership
   Joshua; The Torah
   Final Preparations
Chapter 32
   Moses' Song
   Presenting the Song
   Moses Told to Die
Chapter 33
   Moses' Blessing of the Tribes: Reuben
   Zebulun, Issachar
   Dan, Naphtali
   Asher; All Israel
Chapter 34
   Moses Dies

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