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Exodus Chapter 37
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Making the Ark
37:1 Betzalel made the ark of acacia wood, 2 and a half cubits long, 1 and a half cubits wide, and 1 and a half cubits high.
37:2 He covered it with a layer of pure gold on the inside, and made a gold rim for it all around.
37:3 He cast four gold rings for its four corners, two rings for one side, and two for the other.
37:4 He made carrying poles of acacia wood and covered them with a layer of gold.
37:5 He then placed the carrying poles in the rings on the ark's sides, so that the ark could be carried with them.
37:6 He made a pure gold cover, 2 and a half cubits long and 1 and a half cubits wide.
37:7 He made two golden cherubs, hammering them out from the two ends of the cover.
37:8 The cherubs were made on both ends from the same piece of metal as the cover itself, one cherub on one end, and one on the other.
37:9 The cherubs had their wings outstretched upward so as to shield the ark-cover with their wings. They faced one another, with their faces [somewhat inclined downward] toward the cover.

Making the Table
37:10 He made the table out of acacia wood, 2 cubits long, one cubit wide, and 1 and a half cubits high.
37:11 He covered it with a layer of pure gold, and made it a gold rim all around.
37:12 He made a frame for it, one handbreadth wide, and placed [the] gold rim on the frame.
37:13 He cast four gold rings for [the table], placing the rings on the corners of its four legs.
37:14 The rings were adjacent to the frame, and were meant to hold the poles used to carry the table.
37:15 He made acacia poles to carry the table, and covered them with a layer of gold.
37:16 He made the utensils to go on the table, bread forms and incense bowls, as well as half tubes and side frames to serve as dividers [for the bread], all out of pure gold.

Making the Lamp
37:17 He made the menorah out of pure gold, hammering the menorah along with its base, stem, and decorative cups, spheres and flowers, out of a single piece of metal.
37:18 Six branches extended from the menorah's sides, three on one and three on the other.
37:19 There were three embossed cups, a sphere, and a flower on each branch. This was true of all six branches extending from the menorah.
37:20 The menorah's [shaft] had four embossed cups, along with its own spheres and flowers.
37:21 There was a sphere at the base of each of the three pairs of branches extending from [the stem]. This was true of all six of [the menorah's] branches.
37:22 The spheres and branches were all made from the same [ingot] as the [menorah itself]. It was all hammered from a single piece of pure gold.
37:23 He thus made the menorah with seven lamps. [He also made] its wick tongs and ash scoops out of pure gold.
37:24 The [menorah] and all its parts were made from a talent of gold.

Making the Incense Altar
37:25 He made the incense altar of acacia wood, one cubit square, and, including its horns, two cubits high.
37:26 He covered its top, its walls all around, and its horns, with a layer of pure gold, and made it a gold rim all around.
37:27 He made two rings [for the altar] below its rim on its two opposite sides, so as to hold the poles with which [the altar] was carried.
37:28 He made the carrying poles out of acacia wood, and covered them with a layer of gold.
37:29 Using the techniques of a perfumer, he made the sacred anointing oil and the pure perfume incense.


Betzalel made
  This, and the next two sections parallel Exodus 25:10-40.

  A detail not mentioned in Exodus 25:26.

to go on the table
  A detail not mentioned in Exodus 25:29.

half tubes
  Note that the order in Exodus 25:19 is transposed.

He made...
  Paralleling Exodus 30:1-6.

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