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Deuteronomy Chapter 8
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Dangers of Overconfidence
8:1 You must safeguard and keep the entire mandate that I am prescribing to you today. You will then survive, flourish, and come to occupy the land that God swore to your fathers.
8:2 Remember the entire path along which God your Lord led you these forty years in the desert. He sent hardships to test you, to determine what is in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not.
8:3 He made life difficult for you, letting you go hungry, and then He fed you the Manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had ever experienced. This was to teach you that it is not by bread alone that man lives, but by all that comes out of God's mouth.
8:4 The clothing you wore did not become tattered, and your feet did not become bruised these forty years.
8:5 You must thus meditate on the fact that just as a man might chastise his child, so God your Lord is chastising you.
8:6 Safeguard the commandments of God your Lord, so that you will walk in His ways and remain in awe of Him.
8:7 God your Lord is bringing you to a good land - a land with flowing streams, and underground springs gushing out in valley and mountain.
8:8 It is a land of wheat, barley, grapes, figs and pomegranates - a land of oil-olives and honey-[dates].
8:9 It is a land where you will not eat rationed bread, and you will not lack anything - a land whose stones are iron, and from whose mountains you will quarry copper.
8:10 When you eat and are satisfied, you must therefore bless God your Lord for the good land that He has given you.
8:11 Be careful that you not forget God your Lord, not keeping His commandments, decrees and laws, which I am prescribing to you today.
8:12 You may then eat and be satisfied, building fine houses and living in them.
8:13 Your herds and flocks may increase, and you may amass much silver and gold - everything you own may increase.
8:14 But your heart may then grow haughty, and you may forget God your Lord, the One who brought you out of the slave house that was Egypt.
8:15 It was He who led you through the great, terrifying desert, where there were snakes, vipers, scorpions and thirst. When there was no water, it was He who provided you water from a solid cliff.
8:16 In the desert He fed you Manna, which was something that your ancestors never knew. He may have been sending hardships to test you, but it was so He would eventually do [all the more] good for you.
8:17 [When you later have prosperity, be careful that you not] say to yourself, 'It was my own strength and personal power that brought me all this prosperity.'
8:18 You must remember that it is God your Lord who gives you the power to become prosperous. He does this so as to keep the covenant that He made with an oath to your fathers, even as [He is keeping it] today.

Warnings Against Idolatry
8:19 If you ever forget God your Lord, and follow other gods, worshiping them and bowing to them, I bear witness to you today that you will be totally annihilated.
8:20 You will be destroyed just like the nations that God is destroying before you - that will be the result if you do not obey God your Lord.


  Or, 'show others' (Bachya).

become bruised
  (Lekach Tov). Batzak in Hebrew. Or, 'swell' (Targum; Rashi; Ibn Ezra); 'lacked shoes' (Saadia; Radak, Sherashim; cf. Septuagint); or, 'become painfully hardened' (Septuagint).

underground springs
  Or, literally, 'springs and subterranean waters.'

  (Rashi, Berakhoth 41b, s.v. Devash). See note on Leviticus 2:11.

  (Targum Yonathan; Saadia). Or, 'in poverty' (Rashbam; Ibn Ezra).

  This is a commandment to recite the grace after meals (Berakhoth 21a).

  Or, 'on,' or 'for the fruit of' (Targum Yonathan).

solid cliff
  (Targum; Ibn Janach; Radak, Sherashim). Chalamish in Hebrew. Or, 'flint' (Septuagint), or, 'diamond-hard stone') Targum Yonathan; Arukh, s.v. Shamir).

as He is keeping it
  (Adereth Eliahu; HaKethav VeHaKabbalah). Or, 'so even today, [you cannot say that it is your own strength]' (Abarbanel).

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