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Exodus Bo
  Ki Tisa
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12:29 Sixth Reading
It was midnight. God killed every first-born in Egypt, from the first-born of Pharaoh, sitting on his throne, to the first-born of the prisoner in the dungeon, as well as every first-born animal.
Vayehi bachatsi halaylah va'Adonay hikah chol-bechor be'erets Mitsrayim mibechor Par'oh hayoshev al-kis'o ad bechor hashvi asher beveyt habor vechol bechor behemah.
12:30 Pharaoh stayed up that night, along with all his officials and all the rest of Egypt. There was a great outcry, since there was no house where there were no dead.
Vayakom Par'oh laylah hu vechol-avadav vechol-Mitsrayim vatehi tse'akah gedolah beMitsrayim ki-eyn bayit asher eyn-sham met.

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