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  Ki Tisa
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20:19 Last Reading
God said to Moses: This is what you must tell the Israelites:

You have seen that I spoke to you from heaven.
Vayomer Adonay el-Moshe koh tomar el-beney Yisra'el atem re'item ki min-hashamayim dibarti imachem.

20:20 Do not make a representation of anything that is with Me. Do not make silver or gold gods for yourselves.
Lo ta'asun iti elohey chesef ve'elohey zahav lo ta'asu lachem.


Do not make a representation...
  Literally, 'Do not make with me.' This is a commandment not to make a statue of anything associated with God, such as angels. It also extends to making replicas of articles used in the Holy Temple (Avodah Zarah 43a,b; Yad, Avodath Kokhavim 3:10; Sefer HaMitzvoth, Negative Commandment 4).

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