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Leviticus Shemini
  Acharey Mot
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9:1 First Reading
On the eighth day, Moses summoned Aaron, his sons, and the elders of Israel.
Vayehi bayom hashmini kara Moshe le-Aharon ulevanav ulezikney Yisra'el.
9:2 He said to Aaron, 'Take yourself a calf for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering, [both] unblemished, and sacrifice them before God.
Vayomer el-Aharon kach-lecha egel ben-bakar lechatat ve'ayil le'olah tmimim vehakrev lifney Adonay.
9:3 Speak to the Israelites, and tell them to take unblemished [animals]: a goat for a sin offering, a yearling calf and a lamb for a burnt offering,
Ve'el-beney Yisra'el tedaber lemor kechu se'ir-izim lechatat ve'egel vacheves beney-shanah tmimim le'olah.


eighth day
  After the seven days of installment (Leviticus 8:33-35).

elders of Israel
  See Exodus 3:16. This may be because only the Sanhedrin had the authority to appoint a High Priest (Tosefta, Sanhedrin 3:2; Yad, Kley HaMikdash 4:15). Also see Leviticus 4:13.

  Yearling (Yad, Maaseh HaKorbanoth 1:14; see Leviticus 9:3).

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