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Leviticus Shemini
  Acharey Mot
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10:12 Fourth Reading
Moses announced to Aaron and his surviving sons, Eleazar and Ithamar, 'Take the remainder of the meal offering that is before God, and eat it as unleavened bread near the altar. Since it is holy of holies,
Vayedaber Moshe el-Aharon ve'el El'azar ve'el-Itamar banav hanotarim kechu et-haminchah hanoteret me'ishey Adonay ve'ichluha matsot etsel hamizbe'ach ki kodesh kodashim hi.
10:13 you must eat it in a holy place. It is the portion for you and your descendants from God's fire offerings, since I have thus been commanded.
Va'achaltem otah bemakom kadosh ki chokcha vechok-baneycha hi me'ishey Adonay ki-chen tsuveyti.


remainder of...
  See Leviticus 9:17.

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