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 28:1  28:2
28:1 Fifth Reading
God spoke to Moses, telling him to
Vayedaber Adonay el-Moshe lemor.
28:2 give the Israelites instructions and tell them: Be careful to offer My fire-offering food sacrifice to Me in its proper time as My appeasing fragrance.
Tsav et-beney Yisra'el ve'amarta alehem et-korbani lachmi le'ishay re'ach nichochi tishmeru lehakriv li bemo'ado.
28:3 Tell them that the fire offering that they must offer to God shall consist of two yearling sheep without blemish each day as a regular daily burnt offering.
Ve'amarta lahem zeh ha'isheh asher takrivu l'Adonay kvasim bney-shanah tmimim shnayim layom olah tamid.
28:4 Prepare one sheep in the morning, and the second sheep in the afternoon.
Et-hakeves echad ta'aseh vaboker ve'et hakeves hasheni ta'aseh beyn ha'arba'im.


yearling sheep
  A male (Yad, Maaseh HaKorbanoth 1:15).

regular daily
  Tamid in Hebrew.

  See Exodus 29:39. Also see Numbers, 28:6.

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