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33:19 He bought the piece of open land upon which he set up his tent for 100 kesitahs from the sons of Chamor, chief of Shechem.
Vayiken et-chelkat hasadeh asher natah-sham aholo miyad beney-Chamor avi Shchem beme'ah ksitah.
33:20 He erected an altar there, and named it God-is-Israel's-Lord (El Elohey Yisrael).
Vayatsev-sham mizbe'ach vayikra-lo El Elohey Yisra'el.
34:1 Fifth Reading
Leah's daughter Dinah, whom she had borne to Jacob, went out to visit some of the local girls.
Vatetse Dinah bat-Leah asher yaldah le-Ya'akov lir'ot bivnot ha'arets.


  In the Talmud, Rabbi Akiba notes that in Africa (or Phrygia, see Genesis 10:2) a kesitah is equivalent to a ma'ah (Rosh HaShanah 26a). A ma'ah is usually seen as one twenty-fourth of a shekel (Tosefta, Bava Bathra 5:4), and hence the 100 kesitahs would be around 4.17 shekels. Other sources state that a ma'ah is one twentieth of a shekel (Targum on Exodus 30:13), and hence the 100 kesitahs would be 5 shekels (Sefer HaYashar). According to others, the kesitah is equivalent to a sela or two shekels, and hence the price was 200 shekels (Bereshith Rabbah 79; Ralbag; MeAm Lo'ez/The Torah Anthology 3:155). See Job 42:11.

This was later Joseph's burial place; Joshua 24:32.

chief of Shechem
  (Ibn Caspi). Or, 'father of Shechem.' See Genesis 34:19.

  Some say she was 12 years old (Yov'loth 30:3).

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